Discover the stories of some of our refugees living in the UK!

Ahmet's Story

“I will think about my options, but I’m certainly not going at sea again. I left for the future of my kids; I’m not going to die with them in the sea. Life is not over.”

Tishiri's Story

“Life has been difficult for me, but my experiences have made me stronger. Being young and a woman, it isn’t easy to find your place in a new community.”

Sam's Story

“For me, one of the greatest challenges facing society, the government, and organizations like UNHCR, is combating hate. I wish that all could understand this: we are forced to flee our homes, we’re not coming here to cause trouble. I wish they could understand we’re all human beings, living under the same sky.”

Nasttho's Story

“I would like to be a doctor as I think this is the best way to help my people. I hope and want all Somali girls and women to learn and study and go onto university. Maybe if we are all educated we can change the future of our country.”

Naima's Story

“I think because of being a refugee I understand life in a completely different way. I still remember where we were, where I started, the house I lived. Today on this end I have everything at my fingertips. I have opportunities, especially as a woman, which I wouldn’t have had. I can make things happen for myself, whether I make it or not is all up to me.”

Max's Story

“Those days were very tough yet were blessings too. Among all the privileges, the education opportunity was the best gift ever.”