Breaking barriers and connect with someone new

Fancy changing someone's life for the better, over a cuppa?

About us

By nature, we're social beings. We share, we tell stories, and we need a sense of belonging. But the refugee crisis often leaves its victims feeling lonely, and displaced. All over the world, we've always used food and hot drinks as a way of bonding and bridging gaps — and whether we prefer masala chai, mint tea or a classic builder's brew, we all get the same thing out of it.

Here’s where we come in! We believe in community, and as a nation of tea-drinkers, we can help those in need by doing what we do best — sharing a cuppa. We partner up with local cafés, so that you can sign up for a 2-hour tea time with one of our hosts. Join us to enjoy a hot drink, meet new people, and show that there really are no borders to friendship.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission - Cuppa Connection is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to breaking down barriers and facilitating conversations between people from all walks of life over a cuppa. Vision - All Bringing people together, building a better tomorrow together, Refugees are too often seen as news stories or statistics. However, they are real people just like you and me. The vision of Cuppa Connection is to bring people together and facilitate conversations with refugees to ultimately foster greater understanding and empathy in London Values - Solidarity 1-2 values for each person Be empathetic Be a host Be curious Celebrate authenticity Have fun Build + shape a better future Listen to others for understanding

How it works

Sign up for a two hour tea time with one of hosts at a cafe. Have a real conversation with both a refugee and others in London. Finish your cuppa having made new friends and learned something new.

Our team


Nawshin loves to help people, promote equal opportunities and strive for self-improvement. Her current position at Code First: Girls helps her work in community development, particularly around the lack of women in the tech sector. Her previous experience includes; arts & culture, community and private sectors.


Carissa is a healthcare and life sciences consultant at FTI Consulting, where she advises companies on the best strategic options and the best price. Her previous experience in the healthcare industry is based real business solutions. She is passionate about supporting hard to reach communities in London.


Yasmin currently works as a French to English translator and copywriter at OVH, a cloud based company focused on creating bespoke solutions to industries around the world. Her previous experience is in translation and policy. She is passionate about facilitating and findings solutions between organisations.


Julia is currently an Executive Assistant at OVH, within the sales department. Her position is based around being highly organised with a keen eye for detail. Her previous experience is tailored around solutions as a stock controller. She is passionate about fulfilling her families legacy of supporting and intergrating refugees.